Strength Training Anatomy by Frederic Delavier – A beautifully illustrated book that spotlights key muscle groups and the exercises that make them grow.  In its third edition, with millions of copies in print, this book is a must have for anyone with an interest in fitness training.


Classical Music by Phil G. Goulding – I owe much of what I know about classical music–its rich history, forms, and composers–to this book.  It provides a solid introduction for the uninformed and a level of detail that aficionados will find stimulating.  If you are even slightly interested in classical music (and you should be) buy this book.



In Our Time by Ernest Hemingway – In my judgment, In Our Time, is the best collection of short stories from the 20th century master.  Unique in their brevity, inspiring in their tone, these stories are Hemingway at the peak of his creative prowess.


An Intelligent Person’s Guide to Philosophy by Roger Scruton – A very straightforward and highly readable discussion of some of philosophy’s central concepts and key figures.  Scruton’s style of demonstrating how these concepts work and explaining their origins makes this a fun and quick read.



Storm of Steel by Ernst Jünger – An unflinching account of trench warfare in the first World War, Jünger’s intimate and personal account is graphic and impersonal.  The most accurate depiction of modern warfare ever penned; this book will both shock and challenge the modern reader.



A Mencken Chrestomathy by H.L. Mencken – A sampling of blasphemies from the Sage of Baltimore.  Blunt, witty, politically incorrect; Henry Louis Mencken’s writings seem just as relevant today as they did nearly 100 years ago when he wrote them.  One of my favorite Americans and favorite writers of all time; he is a national treasure and it is shame that he is not a household name.



The True Believer by Eric Hoffer – This study of mass movements and fanaticism is widely considered a classic.  Hoffer’s presentation and descriptions align with so much of what we see in present day American social movements and party politics.



The Paleo Diet by Loren Cordain, Ph. D. – Get this book, do this diet, and you will cut your body fat percentage in half in 12 weeks, period.  This book will clue you into why Americans are so fat and how returning to a diet similar to our prehistoric ancestors will result in rapid weight loss and a healthy lifestyle.



A Republic, Not an Empire by Patrick J. Buchanan – The most cogent and straightforward work on American foreign policy every written.  Buchanan details every American war since the dawn of the Republic (thru 1999) and provides insight on the reasons and rationale of war.   The final chapter on American foreign policy and its future is almost prophetic; this is Buchanan at his best.