If you care to know who has ruined your life, look in the mirror. Should you want to know who has ruined your neighborhood, look out the window.  If you want to know who has ruined your country, turn on the TV.

Good taste has no influence on natural selection.

In the days of old the anxious, melancholy, hyper, and eccentric composed symphonies, wrote novels, crafted plays, invented gadgets, led nations, entertained the masses, informed us how to think about the world, and painted masterpieces.  Today they are put on psychotropic drugs to make them “better.”

The crowning achievement of New Age Spiritualism: making the esoteric cliché.

The trouble with being a starving artist is the starving part.

Far better it would have been to see a civilization’s ascent than witness its sad decline.

Giving the benefit of the doubt shouldn’t leave you doubting the benefit.

Insecurity is the salesman’s best friend.

A shared hatred often fosters true love.

The commercial and the spiritual are diametrically opposed. Profits kill prophets.

No one will listen to Lady Gaga 40 years from now the way we listen to Led Zeppelin today. In the modern age, even the art is disposable.

The mere dream of power corrupts the powerless.

The Mantra of Brandon D. Ragle: I will believe anything that is true.