Better to be remembered as great by posterity than acceptable by contemporaries.

The best and the best produced are seldom the same.

Perceived self-interest is the foundation for all effective propaganda.

A paradox: the more shamefull a person, the less they desire privacy.

When in Rome do as the Romans.  When in Juarez, still do as the Romans.

The basis for all human interaction is resource competition.  Therefore, true altruism is a genetic anomaly or—at the very least—recessive in nature.

Only a narcissist contemplates what his funeral will be like.


The Return of the Don: not to be confused with the posthumously released Tupac Shakur mixtape of the same title.

Writing is the opposite of doing, which is why it is often a refuge for halfwits.

Liberty is not for the faint of heart; it is ugly, cruel, and unfair.  Freedom is scary.

In most instances one hates another because he sees in himself nothing worth loving. However, sometimes a man hates another precisely because he loves himself.  The former is resentment, the latter a virtue.

There is nothing noble in dying for strangers.

A great man never measures his talents and virtues in relation to others.

High culture is always aristocratic in nature, which is why mass media and trite entertainment is invariably aimed at boobs and never appeals to the higher man.

The things we find remarkable about others are the very things we end up resenting about them.

The man most posed to change the world is the man who refuses to change.

Envy is humiliation turned outward.