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I am an aspiring writer (unpublished hobbyist), philosopher of sorts (navel-gazer), social critic (hack), dog owner (rescuer), politically conservative (reactionary), slightly unhinged (in recovery), sometimes Protestant Christian (backslidden), aesthete (dilettante), proposition gambler (degenerate), and the proprietor of this irregularly updated website.

I dream, annoy, show flashes of brilliance, and underachieve in Mesa, Arizona USA.

All correspondence (kudos, general inquiries, death threats, etc.) can be mailed to: Brandon@brandonragle.com.

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Brandon Ragle – Christmas 1984 – Playas, NM

Brandon Ragle – October 1996 – Roswell, NM

Brandon Ragle – Spring 2007 – Mesa, AZ

Brandon Ragle – Christmas 2011 – Mesa, AZ

Brandon Ragle – February 2013 – Mesa, AZ