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Every human being, whether they know it or not, is honing a set of prejudices and critiques about the world around them.  Each of us are engaged in assigning value to those things and ideas we have come to know and phenomena we observe.  The most principled among us, casting a discerning eye and harnessing our highest faculties, will share with the world our ideas on what is and what is not worthwhile.  In the items below, I humbly submit my endorsements for your consideration.  To be clear, these commendations are neither all encompassing nor definitive, they are merely my recommendations to readers and fellow travelers interested in such.  They are also relayed with an air of good humor and therefore serve as a conversation starter.

There is also a section dedicated to what I have termed “discouragements.”  These are activities and societal undertakings I have deemed detrimental to civilizational progress and human uplift.