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My writing is organized in the following four categories:

  • Aphorisms: My collection of witticisms, concise truisms, and organic wisdom.
  • Essays: These are my writings on a number of topics and usually appeal to some broader idea or argument.
  • Reviews: My reviews and criticisms of books, music, television, movies, et al.
  • Miscellany: Blogging on random topics.

Why I Write

There are many reasons why someone would choose to write and just as many more reasons why an individual would choose to share these writings with the world or, to be perfectly truthful, a smattering of passersby who probably do not really give a shit either way.

The writing contain within these pages should not be misconstrued as the work of someone who has a broader calling.  I am not trying to change the world or anyone’s mind.  I do, however, want you to agree with me and, as such, I aim to organize my ideas, passions, appraisals, and points of view in such a way that they are clear in context and cogent in their rationale.

Whatever the high-minded ideals and noble clichés bandied about by writers (both real and imagined), the obvious truth is writing is about the writer’s ego more anything else.  In that regard it becomes a demonstration of the writer’s wits, charisma, cleverness, imagination, and charm.  It is an exhibition saying, “I have the mind, talent, and skills that others do not possess.  Pay attention to me.  Love me.”  This petty narcissism fueled the great writers of history the same way it fuels the poseur banging on his laptop at Starbucks today.

Ego and narcissism most assuredly inform my writing and I would readily admit I chiefly animated by both.

That said, I write because there is no other means to dissent—relatively speaking—in the modern age. There is no other way to take to task a decadent and thoughtless culture, our curious civic religion called political correctness, or our hostile managerial elites and their failed experiment in governance.

Will my writing satiate my ego, erase my feelings of alienation, change the world, make me some money, and bring me acclaim? No.

However, my blind and irrational will propels me forward to bear witness and, as Schopenhauer has instructed us, “Man can do what he will but he cannot will what he wills.”